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Future ATI Novels
All Things Impossible: Derora's Legend - The actual climax because the 5th book alone would've been too long
All Things Impossible: The Storm Readers' Light - Jakkobb as an angsty teen, Tom's dad and a valley girl Evelyn?
Well, at least Thistle is still serious, wait, he's in love?? Oh, and the chemmen-made genocide...
(by Luke Andrews)
All Things Impossible: Hell on Earth - The Battle of the Bridge (written by Luke Andrews)
All Things Impossible: Eastern Empire - the beginning of the Blackhound
All Things Impossible: the Paladin King - the conquest of Pallens
All Things Impossible: A Rumor of Heroes - Par helps the original residents of Darkreign escape the chemmen
All Things Impossible: Blood Betrayed - how Dominic failed the woman he loves
Crown of the Realm.PDF FREE or Tablet/ Phone/ E-reader formats  for .99 cents
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In this first volume of the All Things Impossible series, an ancient evil has returned. An
ancient war has resumed. And for the first time in elven history, the Crown of the Realm
has been stolen.

But young Derora Saxen knows nothing of such things. When she sets out from her
village with her best friend Kelin, she knows only that she wants to be a warrior.

She does not know the immortal chemmen have escaped the realm of darkness to
which they had been banished for millennia. She does not know chemmen armies are
already exacting revenge on their hated enemies, the elves, or that chemmen
assassins have already killed the elven king and queen.

And she does not know that by helping a stranger, she will be drawn into a struggle that
began long before she was born, and take the first steps on her path to destiny. In the
fires of an ancient war, a new hero will be forged…
Heartstealer.PDF FREE or Tablet/ Phone/ E-reader formats  for .99 cents!
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All Derora Saxen ever wanted was to be a warrior. Now, she is on her way to join the finest
warriors in the world, the Silver Dawn Dragoons. But before she can begin her training as a
Dragoon Knight, she has a slight problem to deal with…

Thomas Delauncey knows better than mix it up in other people’s affairs.  That’s always
trouble. To do so, he must seek an ancient talisman, and he needs help to recover it.

So he kidnaps a young woman. A young woman who claims she was on her way to be a
knight, and who actually expects him to believe she fought in the war against the chemmen.
A young woman he soon wishes he had never set eyes on.

Meanwhile, even as they hunt for their friend, Kelin, Jakkobb and Thistle find themselves
caught by the rising tides of a war between two rival kingdoms. But is this war really about a
river changing course on the boundary?  Or is something more sinister at work?

Now, in the second volume of the All Things Impossible Series, Der and Tom must find a
way to tame a powerful talisman, prevent a war, and save a girl’s life. More importantly, they
must find a way to do it without killing each other in the process…
Sword of Pallens.PDF FREE or Tablet/ Phone/ E-reader formats for .99 cents!
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Derora Saxen has finally begun her training with the Silver Dawn Dragoons in this third novel of
the series. Her lifelong dream of joining the world’s elite warriors is to come true, if she can
survive the hardest military training on earth.

While their friend chases her destiny, Kelin, Thistle, and Thalon are fighting to protect Chloe, a
young girl with the rarest of abilities. Having  already defeated an evil wizard who coveted her
power to cancel magic, they are now on the trail of a necromancer and his undead minions. But
more terrifying than the undead is the apparition they witness deep in the Wild Lands. They know
the wail of a Banshee means only one thing: one of them, or someone close to them, is going to

What they do not know is that, far away on the continent of Dosmar, an ancient power is stirring.
That a missing treasure fleet and a series of mysterious natural phenomena are merely the
clouds before the storm. That when the storm strikes, it will threaten everything and everyone
they hold dear.

Amid the sudden onslaught, old friends and new comrades fight to save their world from
destruction. But as they learn the awful truth about their enemy, another truth becomes
increasingly clear: only one weapon in the world can stop him. And only Derora Saxen can wield it.
Stone & Bone.PDF FREE or Tablet/ Phone/ E-reader formats for .99 cents!
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In this fourth novel of the All Things Impossible fantasy series, Derora Saxen leads her friends
home to Riversbridge so that they can say their final farewell to Kelin. In the midst of
celebration of a life and their victory over the Blackhound is when a new temptress comes for

Meanwhile, Commander Strival orders Jakkobb to take a vacation, and worse, to visit his
mother in his faraway homeland. Not all eyes and ears are friendly to this information, and the
chemmen may just be hunting our heroes from the shadows.

But everyone may all be unwilling and unknowing pawns in an unseen mastermind’s scheme.
Someone who wants to bring Tom’s stone heart and the demon brother’s bones together to
create a more dangerous foe than even the Blackhound.

They can only survive if they unite together as friends once more, but with Tom’s identity and
loyalties being pulled in several directions, will he stay or keep his promise to disappear
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Eights years have passed since Derora Saxen stood on the cliff’s edge and watched a
circle of ash sinking slowly into the icy surf; the ash that had once been the body of
Thomas Delauncey. This was the price demanded by the legend of stone and bone. Or so
she was told to believe.

The years since Tom’s disappearance have brought prosperity to the continent of Solquin.
There are no more earth events, nor wars of mass chaos, and life has moved on for the
most part. Silver Dawn’s Horizon is still undergoing reconstruction, Chloe has gained
control over her abilities, Thistle still trains Thalon relentlessly, Ameris has come south.
Sure, Der has other duties, including a paid gig with Strival, but she hunts for Tom’s
whereabouts whenever she can.

But that time is fast running out, and she doesn’t even know it.

The legend was as old as time itself, passed down from the war of the world’s creation. It is
the legend of two demon brothers who wielded the power to undo creation itself. “One of
crystal. One of stone. Where one goes, the other shall follow.” This is the legend of stone
and bone, and it hasn’t finished with our hero yet.

Now, in the penultimate novel of the All Things Impossible series, Der is about to discover
the legend is very real, and it was just getting started those eight years ago. And against
an evil as ancient and powerful as time itself, even all her strength and courage will not be
All Things Impossible: Derora's Legend

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Derora's War.PDF FREE or Tablet/Phone/E-reader formats for .99 cents!
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